10 things to love about autumn

Now that the weather is definitely getting colder here (Shorts and t-shirt one week, hats and scarves the next…), and because I secretly have a thing for top-10 lists, I thought I’d share a bit of what we love about autumn. Since this is a family business (and a family blog), there is input from everyone at Time4Me, including a few people who have attended our classes and workshops!

1. More Tea

We never turn down a cup of tea and a biscuit, and as well as providing a sustaining beverage, a minute to think or an excuse or a good chat, during autumn and winter we like it to ward off the cold. Ginger and spiced chai are nice for that toasty feeling

2. Autumn food

Crumble and custard, roasted vegetables, hand-picked blackberries and thick soup from home-grown vegetables…autumn has all the best food. Do you have a favorite autumn recipe?

3. Colours

A great source of inspiration, the turning of the leaves into reds, yellows and golds has inspired many of our favorite projects (see our last post!). We also like the oddly satisfying feeling of crunching though them in wellies.

4. Acorns

Riding over fallen acorns on a bike is also quite satisfying

5. Digging out jumpers from the wardrobe

Is it just us, or is that smell one of the nicest things? Floaty fabrics in summer are nice, but being wrapped up in jumpers and scarves when it’s cold outside is better. Are you more of a spring or autumn person?

6. Recycling summer clothes

After you have dug out the jumpers, there might be a few things that are out of date or just don’t fit anymore. We love this, because we can wash them, iron them, and cut them up to make new quilts, cushions and bags. We ❤ recycling.

7. Woodsmoke

A nice, comforting smell that reminds me of bonfire night.

8. Halloween

A great time to make a few things – food, decorations and costumes! It should be just for the kids, but when in Rome…

9.  Patchwork quilts

We love our quilts, and while lightweight quilts in bright colours are great for summer, we relish the opportunity to pull or warm winter masterpieces over the bed, or just cuddle up under them on the sofa.

10. Christmas crafting

We know it gets earlier every year in the shops. But this is also a great excuse to avoid the shops altogether, and stay at home stitching up a few early Christmas presents. We love running workshops for making Christmas gifts, stockings and decorations, and getting ahead making chutneys, jams and puddings. Hopefully, we can share some recipes soon!

Do you have more favorite things about autumn? Let us know in the comments.

Speak soon,

Time4Me x



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