On Moving My Business

As the moving date comes closer – only two weeks to go – I keep looking around my studio thinking, where I am going to put this and where will that go? Customers say ‘it’s going to be a big Job, Margo – where will everything go?’ The fact that there are more rooms and consequently more space in my new studio should mean that moving will be a doddle – but I’m not so sure. Here are a few photos of the way things are at the moment.

Small workshop room - still full of junk!

Of course, the room will be cleared ready for my move in date so I can give it all a fresh coat of paint and replace the carpets.

Large workshop room - desks won't be staying!

This is the second and largest workshop room which is the brightest room in the building and has a great view of the brickworks and the courtyard.

Be it ever so ‘umble’ I suspect that this may well be the favourite room in the house – a flushing loo – something that has been missing from my work life for a good many years!

The Loo!

Of course the next best has got to be the kitchen. Tea, coffee and biscuits have become the bedrock of my workshops and the highlight of every session. The kitchen here isn’t enormous but it does have all the fundamentals including hot and cold running water!

The Kitchen - cupboards will be going on the walls rather than on the floor!

I’m on a half-term break next week so hoping to get in there and make a start. Watch this space for further – or any – improvments,

stay warm,

Margo at Time4me



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