Moving along the Moving

Despite all my best efforts, post have been on hold for a few days while decorating fever takes hold at the Brickworks Craft Cottage. The lovely volunteers have cleared out all their stuff and we now have a clean canvas to stamp our style on.

Andy painting what will be the shop area

Andy has been helping me with the painting and we are making great progress although still a way to go yet. The biggest problem is in deciding which of the two workshop rooms should be the sewing room and which the dyeing and printing room.  The most important thing is having a sink in the dyeing room and I have spent many a sleepless night thinking about the practicalities of the plumbing!

The smaller workshop room at the moment

The smaller workshop room was originally going to be the print room with the sink having its water feed and drainage in the toilet next door – but I can see all sorts of problems with this so am now thinking of making this the sewing room!

Larger workshop room next to Kitchen

This room is the largest and catches the morning sun so would be great for sewing but it is also right next to the kitchen (for water feed) and has a main drain right the other side of the outside wall – so this is currently the favourite  for installation of my large craft sink and long worktop. It will also be close to the washing machine (in the kitchen) for those of you who want to learn fabric dyeing.

We will be back there today agonising over what to do but a decision isimminent – so watch this space!

Margo x



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