Getting Back to Normal

The new term starts on Monday at the Time4me Craft cottage and as usual I have left getting everything ready until the last minute! The new shelves needed to take my burgeoning amount of hand-dyed fabrics had been lying around waiting for me to buy some rawlplugs to put them up. But today was the day – and as always managed to drill out three holes perfectly and the last was like drilling though steel plate.

However the shelves are all up now – almost straight, but empty as the dyed fabric still needs trimming and pressing. Another job for tomorrow.

Have got some great effects with dyeing neutral shades this time. This is going to be my woodland collection as some pieces look like tree bark and some like frog and lizard skin. Trouble is every time I dye a new batch, it’s a little bit different and I want to keep it all for myself. But mustn’t be selfish as my customers like it too and I would never get that much sewing done.

I’ll put some photos and dye recipes on tomorrow – watch this space.


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