Dyeing Neutral Shades

A great dyeing day last week using colours in neutral dyeing I hadn’t used before and which gave me a whole range of new shades I hadn’t got before.

These are the pieces I call my ‘Woodland Collection’ as they make me think of a thickly wooded forest full of a whole range of colours from newly-emerging leaves to those at the end of their lives falling and being trodden underfoot. A little romantic I know…but that’s what they remind me of!

The Woodland Collection

These are dyed using  weak solutions of Procion dyes in Intense Red, Royal Blue and Golden Yellow. Each fabric piece is dyed with varying amounts of each of the three colours which are measured into plastic bags. Two or three pieces of fat quarters of mercerized cotton are then stuffed into each bag and the dye mix squeezed into them. They are then cured for three hours, rinsed and scoured with Synthrapol.

The range of shades you can acheive with just three primaries is amazing and you can extend this with diluting each dye batch three or four times to give you a whole range of different strengths.

I’ve got several different shades of primary colours and will be experimenting with these too. Let you know how I get on.


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