A New Term begins

Third sewing class in the first week of a new term! Everyone is busy coming up with new projects for the summer and I am busy dyeing more fabulous colours!

I’ve also been busy making a few bags and the kits to go with them. Of course, living on the South coast of England surrounded by marinas, you’ve just got to have a yacht handbag – and here it is – all made in my hand-dyed fabrics. Kits and instructions are on my website.

This one was inspired by the tubs of tulips outside my front door.

Both these bags – and many of my others – are based on the asymmetrical stripe design of which I’ve become very fond lately. It makes a great background for applique but also has a bit of interest on its own. It looks posh but is actually very easy to cut and piece together and has been very popular amongst my workshop ladies.


One thought on “A New Term begins

  1. I’d be the most stylish one on the beach with one of these! Very nice. It’s no surprise that they are popular in the workshop.

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