An Embroidered Town

A busy day today with my chef daughter home for the weekend and a trip to see possibly Johnny Depp’s worst film to date – Dark Shadows…

A sewing-filled day yesterday saw the completion of my Ptolemy Dean – inspired cushion using fabric instead of paint for shadows. Here’s the result:

A Cobbled Street in Rye, Sussex

As you can probably see I did resort to using some fabric paint for the deepest street shadows and the rolling hills behind the buildings. But even though it blends in reasonably well, I think fabric may have been more subtle and blended in better. What do you think?

Rye Cushion Detail

Very much enjoyed doing this cushion and love the way the black embroidery thread emulates ink pen.

As it was such a large area, and because my perspective was a little off in the watercolour version I tried earlier, I used a dressmaker’s fading pen to sketch in the angle of the buildings first.

I then cut out all the shadow pieces from subtle shades of hand-dyed fabrics and applied steam-a-seam to the back of them. I will use the lite version next time as the strong version does make the whole piece a little stiff and gums up the embroidery needle!

I then stitched, for quite a few hours until my back hurt. Another problem with the Bernina 830 is that it is so big and heavy that it is impossible to chock up the back with a hardback book without worrying that it is going to land in your lap – the machine that is, not the book.

The paint was added after all the buildings and windows had been stitched, dried with a hairdryer and then the cobbles and outlines of the hills added.

I have now made it into a cushion as I prefer to turn my artworks into something useful instead of something that is just decorative.

Hope you like the result


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