A Case for the Not-So-Mobile

I love gadgets and, in an effort to get round the problem of needing mobile broadband in my studio and a device I can email etc at home, I have acquired one of those not-quite-phone, not-quite-tablet devices. It is too big to go in my pocket and will have to travel in my handbag. But it looks so fragile! As soon as I got home from the tortuously drawn-out purchase, I set to and ordered one of the standard boring cases from Amazon. But today I thought ‘it’s not here yet and I’ve got to get this baby to work and home again’.

Please note that I don’t normally attach human personalities to technology and this phase will pass…

So here is the solution – made to fit the Samsung Galaxy Note but adaptable for any phone or tablet.

Phone/Tablet/Inbetween Case

To make:

  • Measure your device and make a note of its dimensions.
  • If you are going to embroider the front (I did mine with a simple programmed embroidery but you can use any sort of decoration) do this first. If you are doing programmed embroidery make sure the fabric is large enough to fit into the hoop and do the embroidery before you cut the fabric to size.
  • Now add 1″ to all your measurements and cut out two pieces of fabric to this size.
  • Cut two pieces of pure cotton wadding the same size as the fabric.
  • Layer one piece of wadding behind each piece of fabric and iron to adhere the wadding to the fabric.
  • Quilt in a crosshatch design using embroidery thread and a 3mm stitch length and using a quilting or even-feed foot if you have one. If you have added any decoration or embroidery to the front, crosshatch up to the edge, finish off your seam and start again at the other side.
  •  Now, using a quilter’s ruler and rotary cutter if you have them, trim the quilted pieces so they are the dimensions of your device plus 1/2″ all round. this may seem a little close but you want your device to be snug in its new home.
  • Cut two pieces of lining fabric to the same size as the quilted pieces.
  • Place one piece of lining fabric, right sides together, against one quilted outer piece and stitch a 1/4″ seam across the top edge. Repeat for other pieces.
  • Press the seam open using a hot steam iron.
  • Now place the two outer/lining pieces right sides together ensuring the seams are perfectly aligned.
  • Pin the seams to ensure they don’t slip.
  • Stitch all round using a 1/4″ seam and leaving a turning gap at the bottom of the lining.
  • Turn the right way out.
  • Turn in the raw edges at the bottom of the lining and stitch close to the fold
  • Press and push the lining into the outer.
  • Press the top edge thoroughly ensuring that the lining cannot be seen.
  • Stitch round the top with a toning or contrasting thread.
  • A final press and your device is safe for ever.
So all I need to do now is return the boring case to Amazon…

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