Hand-dyed Baby

We, in our family, are in a constant state of excitement at the moment as my eldest daughter is, any time now, expecting her first baby! We already know it is a boy and there has been such a flurry of buying by various relatives that I am in a quandry as to what is left for me to buy. So I’m doing what I always do in a crisis (or a quandry) and crafting!

Some time ago I experimented with dyeing a 12-step colour wheel in procion dyes using an undyed 4-ply botany yarn. There was 50g of each colour so plenty for a crocheted blanket.


And plenty left over for some other baby related goodies such as this machine-knitted squidgy building block.



Now my knitting machine is about 30 years old and I thought it was destined for the dump. But with a few reconditioned bits from ebay it’s almost as good as new again!


Just need to get down to my studio and dye some more yarn – one building block is not much good on it’s own…


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