Distraught by Destruction

On Monday night, my Brickworks studio, which I’d spent lots of time and money renovating into what I thought was the perfect craft space, was burgled. Only my computer was taken, but, in trying to find something to steal, the thieves jemmied open all the interal doors, smashing the door frames and ruining the locks.



At first I thought ‘nothing that can’t be replaced’ but sometime later the psychological effects of someone breaking into my space and rifling through my thing
really got to me.

Despite assurances that this hasn’t happened before, I no longer feel comfortable and am considering moving the whole outfit back to my home studio.


6 thoughts on “Distraught by Destruction

  1. Oh Margo, am so sorry to hear this xx I can’t imagine what you’re feeling but when we were in a very difficult situation and didn’t feel that safe at home, I wanted to move. However it wasn’t possible for numerous reasons and now its over, I’ve gained from staying put in terms of friendships and feeling part of the community. You must do what feels right for you but if you can, give it a bit of time and see how you feel then xx

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