Buttony at Bursledon

In this post I would like to introduce one of the tutors who teaches hand-knitting and Dorset button-making at the Time4me  Studio. You can see a list of her workshops on my website at http://www.time4me-workshops.co.uk.

Buttony at Bursledon

By Tania Ashton Jones


A recent addition to the craft workshops offered by Time4Me is Dorset Buttons.  Having spent my childhood in Dorset I was really interested in learning more about the Dorset Button industry, which dates back to the 1600s.  My research led me to wanting to contribute to passing on this traditional skill.

Workshops are either offered as two afternoons or a full day.  Designs are made using a brass or plastic ring with yarn or thread.  The workshop starts off focusing on the skills to make a basic crosswheel design.

The second part explores more designs and how to include beads as well as looking at how to make the Dorset Button into a corsage using either material, ribbon or knitting.

This is Betty’s beautiful Dorset Button providing the centrepiece for her knitted corsage ready to adorn her hand knitted scarf, which she also made.

Why not try out your hand at this traditional craft and be part of keeping this skill alive.  The next workshops are scheduled for:

Full day – Sat 4 August

Part 1 – Mon 6 August or Mon 3 September

Part 2 – Mon 20 August or Mon 10 September

See the Workshop page for further details.


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