After the Birth

Now that my new Grandson is finally here and being wonderfully looked after by his slightly shell-shocked parents, I have put my worries to rest and am back on the crafting bandwagon. The results are several and varied and I hope that sharing them with you all will inspire me to greater things…

The first, of course, was a blanket for the aforementioned grandson. Machine – knitted using the intarsia carriage, from my own hand-dyed 4-ply merino wool. I had lost the original intarsia carriage for my ancient knitting machine but found another one on eBay. Forgot however that it wasn’t so easy, involving many balls of wool and lots of crossing over – so it all took quite a while. But, as they say in the adverts – he’s worth it. The reverse side of the blanket is striped – so much easier than intarsia…

Having replaced the computer, that was stolen during the recent burglary of my studio, with a more convenient laptop, I found that the overpadded case wouldn’t fit in the panniers of my trusty velocipede. New panniers were bought, but still no joy. So it was to the drawing board to come up with a new slimline version, still padded but not looking like a snow-suit…

The last item is another Ptolemy Dean inspiration which I thought may  make a rather catchy railway enthusiast’s iPad case:

Really got the machine embroidery bug now – watch this space…


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