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After a myriad of computer problems during which I probably deleted some vital element that I shouldn’t have – which consequently stopped me being able to download photos onto my blog – I’m back. A little slower than I was (only in a technological sense of course!) but definitely here.

I’ve been working on some new embroideries and, since I very recently sold my over-engineered Bernina 830 embroidery machine, doing them all on a Bernina 230. This is a base level machine which has proved to be a very dependable free-arm embroidery tool. I don’t know why I ever bought the 830. I’ve never been that interested in programmed embroidery or fancy stitches but I do have a weakness for gadgets – that is until I realise their limitations and get fed up with them!

Anyway enough of the technology. Back to the embroidery…

I am still currently practising, using pen-and-ink drawings from books and the internet as inspiration for the embroidered line, but would really like to be using my own photographs. But therein lies the problem. Buildings in photographs do not have that  hard line around them and adding it in the right place to bring the scene to life – in textiles – is proving a little challenging. I have considered joining an art course to learn pen-and-ink techniques but am not sure if this is really the solution. I would be interested in hearing if any of you have encountered these problems and how you got round them.

Here are a few of the pieces I have been working on lately:

Will be spending some time over the weekend trying to turn some of my seafront photos into pen-and-ink images and subsequently embroideries. Wish me luck!


18 thoughts on “More on Embroidery

  1. I love your embroideries, particularly the second one. I’m not entirely clear on what the problem is – is it a problem in altering a photo into a sketch? Have you tried photocopying, scanning or tracing as an initial stage and working from there? Or have I misunderstood?

    • Thanks Wendy. I’ve taken so many seaside photos and was having trouble finding just where the ‘stitching’ line could be around the buildings etc. But having spent some time on Photoshop yesterday, I have found a filter to add an ink outline so that may help.

  2. wow, that house cushion is amazing!

    i must confess i know little of machine embroidery so can’t help with your technical queries… i love the ‘hand drawn’ effect you have achieved though and look forward to seeing more of it! x

  3. Sometimes the simpler the machine the better, my machine has all sorts of fancy stitches I never use. Love the tea rooms embroidery.
    I would think joining a pen and ink class might give you a good insight into how to develop pictures, and I’m always a fan of learning something new, The other thought I had was have you tried Photoshop? – there is a function on there where you can transform your photos into line drawings.

  4. Beautiful! You have nothing to worry about! I think it’s one of those things that just comes with practice and by the look of your first tries you really already have an eye for where to put those lines.

  5. These are fab. I’m really impressed. Thanks for your word of warning about buying a machine with too much stitchery witchery on it. Hugs mrs a.

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