New Year, New Cushion!

As a brit, born and bred, I love heraldry. The pomp, the colours, the designs. So after a few visits to Salisbury cathedral and a few books from the library exalting the beauty of Minton Gothic revival tiles (the copies of which can be seen on the floor of the Cathedral Chapter house where the Magna Carta is on display), I just had to make a few cushions.

When I have a fabric dyeing session, there are, for some reason, always a lot of golds, oranges and yellows which I don’t always know what to do with. Here was the answer.

I am also very fond of the rusty wine red colour obtained by mixing 85% red, 10% yellow and 5% blue procion dye in solution.

So after much printing, photocopy enlarging and cutting out of lion fur shapes, not to forget of course a flurry of free embroidery, here are the results.

Should I have a fanfare here? Imagine that!

Set of two Heraldic Lion Cushions

Set of two Heraldic Lion Cushions

The cushions are edged with a diagonally striped piping cord which I made by sewing together loads of 1″ wide strips and then cutting them into bias strips, joining them keeping the pattern straight and making them into piping. If you do this, make enough for several cushions as it’s a pain!!

There are hundreds of heraldry images out there and I’m planning to use them in fabric and glass. Oh you can see my heraldic glass efforts at .

Thanks for reading.


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