Motivating the Sewing Muscle

Hands up. I confess I’ve been a little lax in the blogosphere lately, what with moving in and out of artist’s studios and deciding what direction my life should travel in next!

But I am back in my lovely home studio again, taking a little time to re-adjust and get my stuff just how I like it. Isn’t it funny how some time away makes you appreciate your space even more!

Anyway, I haven’t been entirely idle over the past few months. Didn’t sell much at my expensive artist’s studio but did make this commissioned cushion for a lovely lady who was going to give it as a birthday gift to her elderly father.

First of all, here’s the photo she gave me:

White house and boat picture

And here’s the resulting cushion… her father loved it!

White house and boat cushion

Of course, Salisbury is a lovely Medieval market town whose fabulous cathedral has the tallest spire in England. So I couldn’t be there for even a short time without making something inspired by the lovely architecture.

Salisbury Cathedral

This is still in unfinished panel form (which is about as far as a lot of my work gets!) but I am determined to turn it into a finished wall hanging to remind me of my time in Salisbury.

So I’m back and will be working my little socks off and hopefully sharing the results with you along the way.


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