How to Make a Living From Crafts – Part 4 – Group Sessions and Parties

In these posts, I want to share some of the main points of my ebook, ‘How to Make a Living From Crafts’ with you. The book is available on Amazon and I’ve given you the link at the bottom of the page.

You can also catch my trailer video at:

Group sessions – (sewing sessions that is!) are a great way to earn some extra income for your craft business and a great way to give customers a great day out. The traditional hen night where everyone gets roaring drunk and makes a fool of themselves seems to be becoming less popular. Lots of hen groups are looking for themed days where making or doing something as a group will be a day to remember instead of a day forgotten the next morning… I have had several hen parties of between 6-10 people come along for a full day on a Saturday. One group made a couple of  patchwork squares each which I then helped them join into a wedding quilt for the bride. One group wanted to learn how to make Roman blinds so they could help the bride furnish her new home.

How to Make a Living From Crafts has this to say about Group Sessions:

You might also be able to offer special rates for groups or parties of friends. Offering workshops to readymade groups has many benefits. You will instantly have a full class, which has saved you a lot of time and advertising costs. The members of the group already know each other and are likely to tell other friends and groups. You may even find that some of the group want to join your regular weekly sessions.

But it doesn’t have to be a special occasion. Some groups of friends just want to get together and do something different from their usual hobbies. I had one group of upholsterers who, deciding they wanted one afternoon a week doing something other than cover chairs, booked a 6-week session on curtain-making.

I’ve just given you a flavor of my book ‘How to Make a Living in Crafts’ in my posts as it is too long to reproduce completely but if you want to buy the book in it’s entirety, here’s the link:

Front Cover3

If you’re in the US:

or if you’re in the UK:


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