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My name is Margo. I love anything to do with textiles, whether it’s sewing, knitting, crochet, hand dyeing or printing. For ten years I taught groups of up to six people machine sewing in my home studio. The name of my blog – Time4me Workshops – is the name of my business and came into being when a number of my sewing workshop clients told me that they loved my workshops as it was their ‘Time for me’.

My Home Studio

My Home Studio

For the past year I have been concentrating on writing down everything I have learned, in 30 glorious years of sewing and teaching, and publishing it in a series of craft eBooks.

My First eBook

My First eBook

I originally started blogging several years ago to share my hand dyeing and machine embroidery projects. This has now evolved into sharing some of the information in my books and the occasional project using the techniques I like to use.

I live in Southampton on the South Coast of the UK. I have three grown-up daughters and a little grandson.

I don’t teach sewing anymore but am always happy to answer any sewing related questions that come my way. There are also loads of free tips and instruction videos available on my website at http://www.time4me-workshops.co.uk.

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